One day we were all hanging out and Marshall, co-owner of 411 and longtime show thrower and curator, asked me to join his band. After some smooth talking from Guy Culver from Laughter’s, I was convinced, it would at least be something fun and creative to do during the pandemic.

Months later we recorded at Different fur studios and on May 7th we are releasing our Self Titled EP. Usually shows are played before releases but during these times everything is kinda ass backwards.

With this video Wables and I tried the approach to emulate a live setting in our practice space, shitty audio and all. Possibly more of these types of videos coming 🙂

TYCOONIN was referred to us by CG RUDEBOY we talk to him about his new born baby, what it feels like to work with E-40 as a Baydestrian, and ask his hot takes on Kelly Oubre Jr.

After the interview we found out that Lil B’s family lives right across the street from TYCOONIN’s and their familes frequent each others family get togethers. The bay area is so random lol

The performance portion of the content features TYCOONIN’s song “6th Sense”

Two things I am currently obsessed with are things that have to do with blockchain technology and the motherfucking NBA. So this is basically a hybrid of both I am stoked on NBA top shot and will try to give you nba top shot related content.

Lmao I honestly have way too much time on my hands and will use that time to upload some old content that we’ve made over the past few months and probably more Top Shot related content lmao.

Guy Culver presents Giggle Fest with special guest Oakland’s own Laughters. Guy is a longtime friend, we met when I bought a synth off him from craigslist lmao. We were just playing around with ways to present “live sets” with this and we tried to make it look like an old public access tv show lol

Guy is a talented keyboardist and composer. Check out his other projects Small Crimes and Ninety-Six Bulls.

Longtime bud Protoghost aka John F. Ketamine was asked to preform at Chillits, a vibey campout ambient music festival, but because the pandemic we streamed his performance from out the house to the Chillits community. He reunited with an old friend VJCHiLXXN who handled the trippy visuals. This is the type of music you put on while the sun shining brightly through the window and you about to meditate.

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to participate in more outdoorsy activities, fishing being the current obsession. While going fishing over the past few weeks our boy Jay Casio tapped in wanting to join in on the fun and invited us over to his cabin to go on a little fishing trip. We basically made this video while up on Cobb Mountain. Shot, edited, and ran through after effects all in house by Hyphy Party Crew affiliates.

Linked below are some other Jay Casio songs you should check out~

– Mike

The first time I met Ricky Lake was at mansion party in the Oakland Hills. This is the kinda track I’d like to hear in the background while hanging out in a mansion. Also the FIDM dropout part resonates because after spending your 20’s in the bay you get to know a lot of them lmao Go listen to the fall out boy Ricky Lake, Pacific Palisades streaming on all platforms~


Last Friday we were at Somar hanging out vibing then some cholas linked, later some dude got choked out and then from our new friends we found out about a car show in San Leandro. Of course the next day we pulled up and surprisingly the sickest car we saw was a Geo Tracker haha this is basically inspired by last weekend.

– Mike