Fun friends Ricky Lake, Steezxxz, and TheMobsJEDi released a video their song Choka. This song is playful and starts with a grimacing laugh that ends up leaving you yearning for late nights sipping molly water, smoking blunts, and turning up with pretty girls around.

Here are some word from Ricky Lake:

5 musicians, Ricky Lake, ggravee, Asa, TheMobsJEDi, and Steezxxz, found themselves stuffed into a small home studio in the Excelsior district of San Francisco, setting the stage for a night of substance abuse and making music. Sleep is secondary when it might be the 2nd allnighter session in a row. While most of the group is recording vocals on one beat, another producer in the room puts on headphones and uses their own laptop to work on the next beat for ultimate efficiency.

And that night, when the producer ggravee started playing what he’d been cooking out loud, immediately the room perked up. And then Choka was born. Fast forward to a couple weeks later, Ricky, Jedi, Steez, and their homie/camera man Gahv were bar hopping and going to a few random parties when Ricky remembered he brought a small handycam with him. So he mentioned they could just shoot a music video for Choka. So they just shot a music video for Choka. That’s how this specific group of artists works, the spontaneity is potent yet fruitful and the content remains consistent. This video drop is an exciting and crucial first chapter for this group of friends and musicians, who produced the song, recorded mixed and mastered it, shot the video, and then edited the video.

The video was due to drop on February 4th, but the outrageously successful Petty Fest seemed to steal the show. Or maybe the crew got too cross faded, the world may never know. What we do know is that Petty Fest was a night to remember. When a close friend of the group, Taifa Nia, was approached to play a show at The Starline in Oakland with his own band “Same Girls”, he quickly uncovered an array of shady promoter tactics, all of which took complete advantage of the artist involved and had ridiculous expectations and regulations. Taifa immediately turned down the promoter and decided to not only reach out and warn the other artists involved, but also to throw his own event titled Petty Fest. 

He then invited the artists he’d warned to perform at his event instead. He also put his close friends on the bill, including Asa, Ricky Lake, Steezxxz, TheMobsJEDi, and many more. The show was a complete success with amazing performances, including a live band version of Choka during the Ricky Lake set. The future is bright for this group of young men, their itinerary is strong with a plethora of songs yet to be released, a variety of music types and aesthetics, and a strong brotherhood of best friends.


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